La Fortuna Rafting is a white-water rafting company situated in La Fortuna, one of the world’s most renowned tourist sites. that offers you the best of water rafting experiences in Costa Rica. We have a great passion for water rafting and we set up exciting tours that help you build unforgettable memories.

Arenal Volcan and La Fortuna White Water Rafting

We believe tours and travels should be about understanding and connecting with other places. Hence why our tours are well finessed such that as you journey over the beautiful rivers of Costa Rica, you will be able to fully appreciate and embrace the breathtaking attractions that nature has to offer.

The town of La Fortuna is the hearth of the Arenal Volcano region which is known for its beautiful rainforest, rivers and even thermal hot springs. There is so much beauty to be appreciated.

Arenal Volcan and La Fortuna White Water Rafting

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Arenal Volcan and La Fortuna White Water Rafting Arenal Volcan and La Fortuna White Water Rafting

At La Fortuna Rafting, our rafting activities prioritizes your safety. We have gathered a team of experienced water rafting professionals who are not only committed to providing you with the best quality of rafting experience, but they will also keep you safe.

We are your number one water rafting company in the La Fortuna area of Costa Rica and we offer the best prices you can get across the country.

Why should you choose La Fortuna Rafting?

  • Top-quality rafting equipment available, maintained in proper working condition.
  • Easy to locate and of close proximity to surrounding rivers.
  • Professional and certified guides
  • Wide selections of rafting combine with activity and tours
  • Exciting and adventurous tour activities
  • Competitive rates with booking ease

Come, let us help you build a memory that will last from this adventure.